'UNLEARNING' is a multi-institutional collaborative project that seeks to achieve an unprecedented level of understanding of human brain circuits, and how they go awry in refractory neuropsychiatric conditions. Our goal is to determine new approaches to permanently reverse the disabling brain changes that accompany these disorders.  We are supported by DARPA through the SUBNETS program. More about CNEP here. 


Edward Chang, MD (Principal Investigator)

Heather Dawes, PhD (Co-director, Program Manager)


Mesocorticolimbic Circuit Dissection

Kristin Sellers, PhD (Post Doc, UCSF)

Erin Rich, MD PhD (Post Doc, UCSF/UC Berkeley)

Vikram Rao, MD PhD (Asst prof, Neurology, UCSF)

Vikaas Sohal, MD PhD (Asst prof, psychiatry, UCSF)

Julie Mirzabekov, BS (UCSF)

Morgan Lee, BS (UCSF)

Karunesh Ganguly, MD PhD (UCSF)

Howard Fields, MD PhD / Jennifer Mitchell, PhD (UCSF)

Bob Knight, MD (UC Berkeley)



Clinical Trials

Philip Starr, MD PhD (UCSF)

Michael Merzenich, PhD / Mor Nahum, PhD / Tom VanVleet, PhD (Posit Science)

Maryam Shanechi, PhD (USC) 


Neurotechnology Development

Sat Pannu, PhD / Kedar Shah, PhD / Vanessa Tolosa, PhD (LLNL)

Jan Rabaey, PhD / Elad Alon, PhD (UC Berkeley)

Rikky Muller, PhD (Cortera Neurotechnologies)

Tim Dennison, PhD (Medtronic)



Jose Carmena, PhD (UC Berkeley)

Bijan Pesaran, PhD (NYU)

Flip Sabes, PhD (UCSF)

John Wallis, PhD (UC Berkeley)