Dr. Edward Chang is a neurosurgeon at UC San Francisco specializing in the treatment of intractable epilepsy, trigeminal neuralgia, and brain tumors. His scientific research focuses upon the brain mechanisms for human speech, movement, and cognition. He co-directs the Center for Neural Engineering & Prostheses at UC Berkeley and UCSF, which brings together engineering, neuroscience, neurology and neurosurgery to develop state-of-the-art biomedical devices to restore function for patients with neurological disabilities. 



Associate Professor of Neurological Surgery and Physiology

Faculty page http://neurosurgery.ucsf.edu/index.php/about_us_faculty_chang_edward.html


Residency: UC San Francisco

Medical School: UC San Francisco

Undergraduate: Amherst College


Postdoctoral fellowship: UC Berkeley (with Robert Knight)

HHMI Medical Student Fellowship: UC San Francisco (with Michael Merzenich)


2015                Blavatnik Awards for Young Scientists, Life Sciences

2014                New York Stem Cell Foundation- Robertson Fellow

2013                McKnight Memory and Cognitive Disorders Award

2011-16            NIH Director’s New Innovator Award (DP2)

2011                 Grass Foundation-American Epilepsy Society, Young Investigator Award

2011                 Klingenstein Fellowship Award in the Neurosciences, Elbert Scholar

2010                American Epilepsy Society, Young Investigator Travel Award

2010                Henry Newman Award, San Francisco Neurological Society

2009-13           Pathway to Independence Award (K99/R00 NIH NINDS)

2009                Ronald Bittner Award, American Association of Neurological Surgeons

2008                Western Neurosurgical Society, Resident Clinical Science Research Award

2008                Howard C. Nafzigger Neurosurgery Resident Award, UCSF

2008                Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (F32 NIH NINDS)                  

2008                Congress of Neurological Surgeons, Wilder Penfield Fellowship

2006                Western Neurosurgical Society, Resident Clinical Science Research Award

2006                San Francisco Neurological Society, Kaiser Resident Research Award

2004                UCSF Distinguished Teaching Award (Neuroanatomy)

2004                Dean’s Prize for Research, UCSF

2003                Alpha Omega Alpha

2003                American Heart Association Medical Student Research Award

2002-03           Otological Research Fellowship Award, Deafness Research Foundation

2002                Michael Goldberger Award, National & International Neurotrauma Societies

2001-02           Howard Hughes Medical Student Research Fellowship, HHMI