Open Positions

*New*: The lab is currently seeking a full-time postdoc to work on a funded project that seeks to understand the neurophysiological mechanisms underlying learning of non-native speech sounds and words. See here for more information. 

Postdoctoral fellowships are currently available in the following areas (keywords):

Speech Neuroscience

1. Production: dynamics, population encoding, sequence learning, motor control
2. Hearing: computational modeling, learning

Brain Machine Interfaces for Cognition

1.  Closed loop recording and stimulation for remediation of neuropsychiatric conditions
2. Prefrontal cortex neurophysiology of decision-making and executive control


Our lab is located at Center for Integrative Neuroscience (CIN) at UCSF. Excellent opportunities for multidisciplinary interaction with our close collaborators:  

Systems neuroscientists at CIN
Engineering (CNEP) and linguistics at UC Berkeley
Clinical neurology and neurosurgery at UCSF Medical Center


Requirements: Exceptionally strong engineering/computational background. Skilled in Python or MATLAB.  

Interested applicants can contact edward.chang at

Please include CV. 


Last Updated: 10/18/2017